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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Disturbing news stories trending in regards to find a grave

Currently, there are a couple disturbing news stories trending in regards to find a grave.

First off, let me say I do know many hardworking, dedicated find a grave volunteers who have been more than ever so helpful in my genealogical pursuits. Many have gone far and above that of being a volunteer.

Second, is the story out of Tennessee about a find a grave volunteer:

Read more:

'Person of interest' identified in case of damaged historic gravestones at Hawkins church | Kingsport Times-News


Then it reminds me a the photos of one headstone on find a grave of one of my many relatives.

I was saddened to see this done. Please, someone have the decency to wash this off, and properly clean this headstone of the Wards.


Look at the photos on their memorials.

Then I was reading a story about a memorial posted to find a grave only hours after the person died with the obituary posted.
Please, have the decency to remove the names of the living to protect privacy of the family members.

Posted on Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - RAOGK USA

"regarding posting obituaries in Find-A-Grave. A dear friend of mine just died today and I don't think anyone was expecting his death. His family and friends are all in shock and grieving. Within hours of his death, when his body is barely cold, someone who is not related to the family posts a huge obituary in Find-A-Grave. Is it too much to ask for people to be sensitive and considerate of his family before posting something like that so fast?"

This is especially true of any famous person who dies. Just check on find a grave after someone dies to see how many of the same memorial you find. An example recently was James Garner who had three or four memorials within minutes after his death was announced.

And this is yet another story:

Posted on Preserving Ohio's Cemeteries - https://www.facebook.com/groups/PreservingOhioCemeteries

Restoring old cemeteries shows that someone cares

From Dick Eastman's blog:

Use D/2 Biological Solution to Clean Gravestones

If you must clean a headstone, use only water.
Do NOT use  soaps, detergents, shaving cream, etc. Any chemical can damage older headstones.
Do NOT use wire brushes, polishing wheels, etc.
*Note: You can be held responsible for any damage to a headstone.

Other disturbing trends rampant across the country is vandalism and graffiti

Flash Required:
Family disgusted vandals desecrated their loved ones' graves

Vandals damage headstones in historic Forsyth County cemetery

Historic Henry Co. cemetery vandalized

Cemetery tombstones toppled



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