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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Double-checking and finding missing information.

Today, I did a little back tracking and double checking on areas of my tree for any information which I may have overlooked the first time around. I do this frequently on various areas of my tree. I was uploading the image for Sarah Beatty Winning's death certificate, and realized looking at the family view that the spouse of one of her daughters died in Missouri. Since, my original research over a few years ago I have learned of the Missouri State website for death certificates being online.

Missouri Death Certificates

The person I was searching lived in Ohio. But, he was a traveling salesman and died in Saint Louis.

I proceeded to look up his  death certificate for Frank G Myers.
He died in 1923.


With a simple search, I find his death certificate.


So far as I know he is the only ancestor in my tree who died in Missouri.

It was nice to be able to search and find his death certificate, and add it to the tree.

After that, I spent a great deal of time working upward from the wife of my grand uncle and filling in all the missing information, and doing several SAC's on find a grave.

Another great day of working on my family tree.

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