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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Checking on your photoduplication request!

Checking on your photoduplication request!

Here is something new I recently learned.

Did you know if you can review your photoduplication request?

Yes, you can. You can check to see exactly when you made your request, and when it was fulfilled.

It will eliminate, sending in a duplicate request for the same image of a record.

You have to use the new single request form.

Then click on the green button and sign in to your LDS free account to make your photoduplication request.

One of the nice parts of the change to the newest form - you MUST be logged in to make a request. That generates a CASE #, so you can track.

No longer do you need to keep your own log of what you requested.

Now you sign in. Then click on Get Help. It will bring up a drop down menu. 

 Then from the drop down menu, you click on My Cases


Then when you click on my cases, you can review  your cases for photoduplication.

So it is simple to track your requests.

Hope this has been informative!

UPDATE: 14 Aug 2014
"The Qualtrics form you used is no longer valid.  All Photoduplication Request must now be submitted on a new form.  The form is located on line:


By using this form it will enable us to process request in a more timely manor. Please be aware that there is a limit of 5 requests submitted in a 30 day period.    

Thank you,   

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