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Sunday, July 13, 2014

FYI's: For where to look to for information.

Sometimes, it is necessary to post FYI's that may be of help to new and old researchers.

FYI: Register for a Basic Fold3 Membership—It's Free
This is great for when ancestry.com offers FREE access to FOLD3.
Once signed in on both ancestry.com and Fold3; you can copy, download images, and save to your ancestors on your tree on ancestry.com

FYI: Allegheny Rootsweb Mailing List
Everyone is welcome to join the list.
Send only the word SUBSCRIBE to
PAALLEGH-request@rootsweb.com and after you confirm the subscription, send messages to PAALLEGH@rootsweb.com.

FYI: For newbies
Allegheny County PAGenWeb Project

FYI : Newspapers for Newbies Partial listing of newspapers online for Allegheny County, and surrounding areas: Be sure to follow through as sometimes, there may appear to be missing issues; when in fact there are several issues all scanned and appear as images under one date. Or if you type in the date, you may come up empty, but when you search for month and year you may bring up issues of the newspapers that you did not find when you searched for a particular date.

FYI: Allegheny County Vital Statistic Indexes from Pittsburgh Newspapers

FYI: Pittsburgh Newspapers by Norm Meinert and Annie Eldredge
First: Know the date of death when your ancestor or relative died.
Second: Search for an obituary or death notice from the date of death followed by several days. A five day search is usually the normal practice of a library.
Third: Copy and Save.

FYI: Community Library of Allegheny Valley
Research Service
Tarentum Community Necrology Record ...
Obituary Index 1900-1932
Obituary Index 1933-1953

FYI: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Guide to genealogy and reference information
1920s/1930s to 1990/1993:...
The Post-Gazette has paper clipping files dating to the 1920s/1930s catalogued by topic or name, housed at the Post-Gazette offices in Downtown Pittsburgh. The public is not allowed direct access to the Post-Gazette's paper clipping files, but the Post-Gazette will conduct research upon request for a fee. For more information, please send e-mail to library@post-gazette.com or call (412) 263-1619.

Part 1 Saving a source citation from familysearch.org to your tree on ancestry.com
Part 2 Editing: a source citation and creating a source repository to your tree on ancestry.com

FYI: Search Cemetery Records
The Catholic Cemeteries Association of the Diocese of Pittsburgh - cca@ccapgh.org

FYI: Henderson Cemetery in Acmetonia, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA

Written by Larry Thompson.

FYI: Hancock, Brooke, and Ohio Counties were very popular for Pittsburghers and Pennsylvania residents as it was basically a no questions asked marriage license versus the marriage license for the Orphans Court in Pennsylvania. Wellsburg in Brooke County was ideally popular, and easily accessible.
West Virginia Marriages, 1780-1970
West Virginia Marriages, 1854-1932

FYI: Jeannette Public Library

FYI: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA pre-1906 Death Records are currently $10.00 per record per person or ancestor researched by the Westmoreland County Courthouse, Register of Wills Office (724-830-3177) via U.S. Mail. Even if you have the names, and specific dates of death. The cost is still $10.00 per research request. However, if you go in person to the Westmoreland County Courthouse, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, it is only the cost of the photocopy about $1.00.

FYI: The best way to copy and save a copy of an obituary is using google chrome, firefox, or safari as a browser, and using Awesome Screen Shot: Capture and Annotate http://awesomescreenshot.com/ or https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-screenshot-captur/alelhddbbhepgpmgidjdcjakblofbmce


FYI: The first issues are 1889-1890 for Greensburg, Westmoreland County; the later issues after 1900 are Beaver Falls, Beaver County
The Daily Tribune
1,389 issues
Feb 8, 1889 - Dec 31, 1907

The Daily Times - Beaver, PA
4,765 issues
Oct 13, 1906 - Oct 18, 1956
FYI: You can search the first half of the
Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950
Surnames Currently Available - A up to Simon Haluschak

Free For Pennsylvania Residents via the Pennsylvania State Archives
Be sure when you copy and save the Bonus Application. Be sure that you forward the interactive viewer one page forward to get the next page which may contain important vital information. Vital information can be names of parents, spouse, and/or children. Scan forward until you reach the next person's application file. You may find additional discoveries. Correspondence, or even hand written letters. Applications can be more then just the front back page, it can be up to nine pages or more!
circa 1950s.
(877 cartons)
{series #19.92} [Holdings]
Arranged alphabetically according to surname of veteran.
A record of Pennsylvania veterans who applied for the World War II bonus provided for by the Act of June 1, 1947 (P.L. 565). Information contained on the applications includes the names, signatures, residences, birth dates, places of birth, sex and serial numbers of the individuals; the dates of domestic and foreign service rendered; the branches of the service enlisted in; the dates and places where the applicants entered and left active service; the applicants' residences at the time of their enlistment; the names and locations of the applicants' draft boards; the dates the applications were received and processed; the amounts of compensation awarded; and the names and residences of the veteran's beneficiaries, living parents and dependents. The applications, which are notarized and dated, also record the ages of dependents, whether the persons were still on active duty in the armed forces, and whether they had ever received sea duty pay or a bonus before. At times, remarks appear that indicate why some applications were rejected.

FYI: Washington  County FB Group

FYI: If the person who is deceased is catholic, you need to know which church the person belonged to: "We have death registers for the Roman Catholic Churches. They are by church so I would need to know what church she would have attended. With that information I can let you know if we have death records for 1892 for that church. These death registers generally don’t give the plot number."
"There is a form to make the request at our website: www.diopitt.org please click on the Quick Link for Genealogy & Archives it is on the left side of the page. That will take you to the Archives page on the right hand side of the page click on Research Form. That will bring up the form for you to print out and mail to us. Please follow all the instructions given."

FYI: Search Up To Date Memorials on Find A Grave
Ancestry.com. U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1700s-Current
FYI: Access the World War II Collection
Find your family heroes in Fold3's vast collection of WWII documents, records, and images, including draft registration cards, Army enlistment records, Navy muster rolls, "Old Man's Draft" registration cards, missing air crew reports, casualty lists, and more.

You can also explore records that provide historical context, such as Navy war diaries, submarine patrol reports, naval press clippings, JAG case files, European Theater Army records, US Air Force photos, and beyond. Also included are the extensive Holocaust Collection and the interactive USS Arizona Memorial.

WWII Documents: Recent Fold3 member discoveries in the World War II Collection have ranged from records about members' fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and great-uncles to information that helped fill in the timeline of a specific soldier's service.
Once you've found your WWII relatives, make a Memorial Page for them—or for anyone who served in a U.S. conflict—on Fold3's Honor Wall. If a search of the Honor Wall for the person's name doesn't bring up an existing Memorial Page, easily create one yourself. Not only can you include documents and images from Fold3's collections on a Memorial Page, but you can upload records and photos from your own collection and add facts, stories, and memories to the page. Create, expand, or update as many Memorial Pages as you'd like: the Honor Wall is a great way to commemorate your veteran relatives and ancestors and share their stories with family and friends.
Get started searching the Honor Wall here or exploring the World War II Collection here.

FYI: From Ray Jones "
Hey Just a quick tip as you are going through the PA death records. If your ancestor died in Allegheny County and you see that his or her death certificate was signed by the Coroner, there will almost certainly be a case file of the investigation that is held at the Archives Servicing Center at the University of Pittsburgh. These files are anywhere from 4 pages to 100+ pages and cost $12 to order. You should email the archives first to see if they have a file for your ancestor. Here is one that I just ordered for a great-great-uncle of mine who might have been murdered in 1918.
Order Form Reuquest .pdf

FYI: WPGS News & Events

FYI: There is always an ongoing offer of some sort every holiday!
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FYI: Most all, of the early Butler newspapers are on microfilm at the library in Butler. The obituaries are indexed and that index is on the Butler County library website. Obituaries can be ordered from them at a reasonable cost @ $5.00 each.

FYI: Be sure to sign up for a FREE Basic membership so you can save what you find on Fold3 to your ancestor on your tree on ancestry.com
FYI: You can sign up for a FREE ID, and from there you are given 15 credits which enable you to search and be able to download one article as a starter. Worth the effort as that is how I found my 2nd great grandfather's story about his death in Byrnmawr Wales in a Scottish newspaper at www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk

FYI: Join the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
Benefits of Membership
WPGS Membership Appilication (2014-2015) .pdf  *Current

1930 US Enumeration Districts Maps; Allegheny County & Pittsburgh, Pa.


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