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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Index to the Registration of Deaths Allegheny County Pennsylvania 1893-1905

This would be an excellent addition and an invaluable resource if you are searching for those hard to find death records for Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County 1893-1905.

Index to the Registration of Deaths Allegheny County Pennsylvania 1893-1905
Price: $24.95
Member Price: $22.45

Statewide registration of deaths in Pennsylvania did not start until 1906. The index to death registrations in this publication is a result of an act in 1893 requiring assessors of the townships, boroughs and wards to record such deaths within their district. This index includes the name of the deceased, date of death, place of death and document number. With this document number, one can request from WPGS a copy of the page containing the entire entry of additional information on the decedent such as age, sex, marital status, occupation, cause of death and Comb bound. 466 pgs. Alphabetical order.

It is published by the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.

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Here is a large order form for you.

Contact Information:


*DEATH RECORDS are written entries, they are NOT PENNSYLVANIA STATE DEATH certificates. Birth & Death Certificates are state-issued and are not available for dates prior to 1906.


Once you  have the document number, you can order the pre 1906 death record using this form:

Now, if you lucky enough, you can order the book, and look up the correct death record number, or plan a visit to the Carnegie Library, WPGS to do lookups. Then you can order records.
The current non-refundable fee for search and copy of a Birth or a Death register will be:
One name searched:$5
Additional names:$4 each
Maximum number of names per request including first request:4
($17 total maximum payment)
Checks or Money Orders should be made out to:

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.
Visa or MasterCard may be used for charge payments. Please include card number, expiration date, name on the card and zip code.
Please send a letter with the names and/or birth/death dates to:
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Department, Records Research
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
Letters are answered in the order in which they are received. Due to the volume of requests, response time may be 4-6 weeks. SASE is not required.

I hope this above information will be of help to you in your genealogical endeavors.

The Carnegie Library and Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society would be wise to make the Index to the Registration of Deaths Allegheny County Pennsylvania 1893-1905 available and searchable online.

It could benefit both the Carnegie Library and the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, the library could add a $1.00 for each death record ordered to be donated to the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society. They would sell and have more orders for death records than orders for selling the book. It would be a lot easier for one searching for deaths in this time-frame if knew precisely what record they were requesting by number.

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