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Friday, March 13, 2015

"A Soldier Of The Revolution - Erected By D.A.R."

Revolutionary Patriot
"A Soldier Of The Revolution - Erected By D.A.R."



John Gray is rolling over in his grave.....
Sent:Wed 5/06/15 9:55 AM
To:rhonda.richards@va.gov (rhonda.richards@va.gov)
Dear Rhonda:

This was important enough for me to apply for a VA headstone for John Gray. 
I think it is also important enough for me to write to you on behalf of my dismay 
of your denial letter for a VA headstone.

Please read my following reply which is part of my blog.

Thank you, "Uncle Sam"!

John Gray is now rolling over in his grave.....

Raymond F Horner

My application was sent through the Jefferson County Ohio Veteran's Service Commission. Because my documents were not "OFFICIAL" records from the National Archives. 

Application Dated: 24 Apr 2015

Actual Application Sent to Jefferson County, Ohio Veteran's Service Commission

Misc Forms VA Sent

Form # 1

Form # 2

Form # 3

It was denied. I just wanted to let you know, the headstone application I sent and applied for was denied, because I did not have "OFFICIAL" ARCHIVE records with my application.

The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio - Volume 2 1938

Page R020

Page 00157


Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Jefferson County Ohio 

If I want the headstone, I have to pay for records which I cannot afford at the present time. Cost: $25.00 to $75.00 

This is the BIGGEST bureaucratic runaround because it is fact John Gray died before the Pension Records were actually recorded.

It is a waste to send money for a record which they will turn around and say "It Does Not Exist"!

Recently, I was finally going back, and working on my 5th great grandfather, a member of the council at Annapolis, MD on 07-17-1779.   

Manufactures. Communicated to the House of Representatives, April 11, 1789. Encouragement to manufactures, petition of merchants of Baltimore SERIAL-SET-ID: ASP09 Fin.1: Apr 11, 1789, 4 pgs.

Page 6

Page 7

John Gray, born 1721 in London, England died 15 Jan 1817 in Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio, USA.

I have his veteran's burial card.

He is a proven DAR Patriot, Ancestor #: A047631                 
He is a SAR Ancestor # P-169477.
*Revolutionary War soldiers’ graves in Ohio. Wilbur R. Branthoover, compiler. April 25, 1999
Find a grave memorial: John Gray
I originally found a photo of his headstone using a website called Waymarking.
I joined that site and asked the person who uploaded the photo for permission to use his photo. Permission was granted. I find most people will give you permission to use a photo as long as you ask politely.
There was an interesting article compiled by Flora L. VerStraten on the Jefferson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society page: http://www.jeffcochapter.com/FindYourRevolutionaryWarAncestor.html

Be sure to read How to Find a Revolutionary Patriot.

DAR = Daughters of the American Revolution
SAR= Sons of the American Revolution

You can search Ancestor Search at DAR if you Patriot is a proven DAR Patriot. I would suggest a recommended search as to whether or not the Patriot is still a Proven Patriot, or whether the Patriot in question has been dis-proven.

"Ancestry lists ALL application ever approved. Many of these patriots have now been disproven. I would suggest the link to the DAR websites applications to get the most up to date information as to whether a patriot is still good. The misnomer is that if no one has attempted to join under a patriot since roughly the 1980s, that patriots record hasn't been re-verified yet."
READ: "Is that Lineage Right" by the DAR.

Also, another option is searching the SAR Patriot & Grave Index database.

Now, I have thoroughly researched my patriot.

I recently have undertook the endeavor of applying for a new headstone through the VA.

First, I contacted the local Fort Steuben DAR, and made an initial inquiry for assistance.
I also contacted a group called the Ohio Valley Veterans. I also made contact with a private entity highly respected in Ohio Grave Preservation.

I received a reply from the Ebenezer Zane Chapter, OHSSAR from my inquiry made to the local DAR which they forwarded to the SAR. They were willing to help.

I also received a reply from the Ohio Valley Veterans that the Jefferson County Veterans Service Commission would be willing to assist in my endeavor.

So, now I recently called the Union Cemetery for John Gray's internment record along with his and several other family members buried in the same family section/plot. I received the internment records on 13 Mar 2015. Also, another person was kind enough to reply to a query on one of the many message boards I participate on and was willing to take a few photos for my application.
I received those on 12 Mar 2015. Photos by Patty T. Freeman

Photo 1 - John Gray

Photo 2 - David Gray, Sr.

Photo 3 - Possibly David Gray, Jr. & John W Gray

Photo 4 - John Gray, and family

Photo 5 - John Gray and David Gray, Sr.

Photo 6 - John Gray

Photo 7 - David Gray, Sr.

Photo 8 - John Gray

Photo 9 - David Gray, Sr.

Photo 10 - David Gray, Sr.

Photo 11 - David Gray, Jr and John W. Gray

Internment Records

Internment Records

Internment Records

Six people are recorded as being buried in Section: O, Lot: 15
Only four have *headstones.

They are:
*John Gray B:1721-D:1817
*David Gray, Sr. B:1775-D:1849
David Gray, Jr. B:1809-D:1859
John W Gray D:1/18/1881
Mary Gray D:10/11/1876
Sarah Gray B:1780-D:1857

From what appears in the photos, I believe the male members had the headstones. If any woman is buried there, they are in an unmarked grave.  John Gray was a re-internment from an earlier cemetery. Most likely he and his wife are in the same grave.

Now, I also have the Jefferson County, Ohio Grave Registration Cards - David Gray, Sr.

Same information from the card found on familysearch.org under Ohio, Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997, David Gray, Sr. 28 Sept 1849.

The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio - Vol. II. Alphabetical list of counties and their chapters Page XX

The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio - Vol. II. Records of Revolutionary soldiers Page 156

The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Who Lived in the State of Ohio - Vol. III. Roster listings Page 145

Here, I created a virtual cemetery for the Jefferson County, Ohio - Revolutionary Patriots.

I wanted to show what the local Ebenezer Zane Chapter, OHSSAR has done in regards to honoring local Patriots.

Fort Steuben DAR?remembers veteran

Now, I want to switch a little and show you a youtube video from Chartiers Cemetery, Carnegie, PA.

Call 4 Action Cemetery Under Fire For Missing Flag Holders Pittsburgh News Story WTAE Pittsburgh 

Please, watch the video.

Now, what happens at maybe a lot of cemeteries is that flag holders may migrate from one headstone to another. This may just happen. Now, I have done a lot of research, and I am always learning. The above burial card states David Gray, Sr. was a veteran of the War of 1812. Notice from the above photos, he now has a Civil War flag holder in front of his grave. My further research also indicated that the service dates belong to a David Gray on the opposite side of the State of Ohio in Mercer County. A Sarah Baggs, widow of that David Gray of Mercer County, Ohio, applied for a widow's pensions, and the pension file is 23 pages. Hard to dispute who the service record belongs to. What I found out from a contact responding to an inquiry on one War of 1812 websites was from the President of the State of Ohio Daughters of the War of 1812; was the veteran's burial cards were done as part of the WPA projects, and were done independently by each county. So, more than one county would possible lay claim to the same service record. So, in all fairness; maybe my David Gray served in the War of 1812, but I could not verify or prove any service record. Only one David Gray shows up on the Roster of Ohio for the War of 1812.

As for the Union Soldier flag holder in front of the grave of John W Gray, I have to further research on a possible service record for him. But, I do believe him to a Civil War veteran. I just have to prove it.

For John Gray, I have the additional supporting documentation. Manufactures. Communicated to the House of Representatives, April 11, 1789, 4 pgs. The Official roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the state of Ohio, pages 3.

If I had the extra money, I would order the DAR combined Application and Supporting Documentation records for $30.00

Other articles I read in regards to Revolutionary War Patriots:





My original interest was only to apply for a headstone for John Gray. I am male, so I doubt I would be able to join the DAR. I could however join the SAR if I so choose to do so. At present, I am not interested in that aspect. I will leave it to future generations of John Gray's descendants if they would wish to join.

Now, for the application for a VA headstone, you need a copy of the Pension File from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Washington, D.C.
See: Pre-World War I Era Headstones and Markers

When burial is in a private cemetery, VA Form 40-1330, Claim for Standard Government Headstone or Marker or VA Form 40-1330M, Claim for Government Medallion must be submitted by the next of kin, a person authorized in writing by the NOK, or a personal representative authorized in writing by the decedent, along with Veterans military discharge documents, to request a Government-provided headstone or marker. Do not send original documents, as they will not be returned.



All my friends, if you would please take a moment to go to http://www.marktheirgraves.org and click on the "Sign the Petition" button, enter your name, email, city and state, I would appreciate it.

The Veterans Administration updated the regulations for applying for a veterans headstone to only allow a family member to send in the application. While this is good for veterans with family available, those who no longer have family will not have their graves marked.  

If historians, cemeteries, veterans associations or concerned citizens locate an unmarked military serviceman's grave, they are not allowed to send in the application for a marker. Many of these men no longer have family living. The Veterans Administration marker program did not exist at the time of the Civil War, and 40% are unmarked. 

Please share this post, and then go to the website and sign the petition.

The continuing saga of John Gray, Revolutionary Patriot and his VA Headstone!

Yours AA&GT


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