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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Working on the past....present, and future

Slowly, I have been going over research that I have already done. Trying to add in information for people I originally overlooked or could not find information on in my initial searches. I have since learned so much about additional resources, and needed to go back and search again. It can prove to be beneficial. Always double-check your own work.

I have finally accounted for all the children of William Joseph Byerly, Sr and Philopena Byerly nee Kountz. William and Philopena had 14 children. Eight of the children were living in 1900 on 5 Jun 1900.

I have accounted for all 9 living children of John Ott and Sophia Ott nee Hodel. She had 11 children, of which 10 were known, but only 9 were living in 1900.

I have been keeping a short list for my duplication request for records that are available, but the image is missing on familysearch.org.

I have been trying to concentrate on a few brick walls, and attempting to get outside help from another volunteer who may be able to look up and find the info. Whether or not this provides results. Only time will tell.

I have also went back to posting specific messages on the message boards as I find the results to be 100% better versus trying to obtain information on some of the facebook groups. First, you got to consider some of the facebook groups only have a fraction of all available users to seek help from.

Whereas the message boards for a particular state and county are aimed at those users, and have a larger following than any facebook group.

I will add, the ancestry.com facebook group page itself for posting for information is in itself a needle in a haystack. Most likely it is a general reply, or in some sort of assistance. If you get specific answers, then I am truly amazed.

I have seen more people leave such groups because of not feeling welcome.

Some of my other peeves are those who use the facebook groups to promote services they are associated with. As you notice, there is no advertising on this page what-so-ever. 

Where on a particular board, I see responds from a "professional" pawning courses from a Research Group!

The boards are volunteers helping each other, not for promoting your own "business". If you want to promote your business, buy ads! They don't belong on the facebook genealogy groups.

Enough said.


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