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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center NEWS

Someone sent me this about the Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center:
Some days you just want to cry! Just got an email from the Hayes Center. They dropped Heritage Quest as of yesterday and NewspaperArhives is going next. You can access it from their library but going to and from Ohio is a little out of my way. They said you can still get Archives.com but when I tried to use that before, it had a 10 a day limit. They are trying to do MyHeritage but that is what 23andMe is linked to and it sucks!
Copy of email:

"Due to legal restrictions from the companies who supply HeritageQuestOnline and NewspaperArchives, we will no longer be able to offer remote access to these web sites through our website as a benefit of the Hayes Presidential Center membership. HeritageQuest was discontinued as of June 1, 2015 and NewspaperArchives’ remote access will be discontinued as of August 1, 2015.

NewspaperArchives will continue to available in the library but not at home.

Members of the $45 and above will still have Archives.com membership benefit, which actually has all the census records and indexes that HeritageQuest has and even more importantly, it has many, if not all, of the digitized newspapers that NewspaperArchives has. So you can still access many of the same resources we had before.

We know our genealogical friends will be disappointed with the loss of any tool that they can use at home, so we have come up with another web service, MyHeritage.com, which we hope to offer sometime in June 2015. We will notify you once we get a date when it is functional."


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