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Friday, October 9, 2015

Findmypast Friday

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Discover Your Family’s Place In The History Of British Democracy 

Cancel your weekend plans - this week’s Findmypast Friday update is our biggest yet!

Millions of Electoral Registers from the England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have been released online for the first time in association with the British Library. 

They’re annual registers - so they fill the gaps between the censuses – covering a 100 year period which includes critical events in the history of British democracy: from the vote being extended to working class men to women’s suffrage. Explore this extensive new collection to discover where your family lived, when they could vote and details of the property your family owned in the 19th & 20th centuries.
England and Wales Electoral Registers 1832-1932 
Explore the largest single collection released on Findmypast to date with over 5.4 million images and approximately 220 million names. Search the registers to discover when your family gained the right to vote, or uncover the details of the very first working class and women voters. These annual registers also include details of property ownership, filling gaps between the censuses and revealing the history of your family home.
Follow your family through a century of democracy »
Scotland, Linlithgowshire (West Lothian), electoral registers 1864-1931
Did you have Scottish family living in West Lothian? Explore over 23,000 records spanning 67 years to find out where they lived, what they did and whether they owned property in the area. 
Did your family own property in Scotland? »
Ireland, electoral registers 1885-1886
Discover what your Irish ancestors were up to at the time of the Gaelic revival. Search by name to pinpoint the exact location of your Irish family during this exciting period of Irish history, or by address to learn who was living in your family home. 
Where was your Irish family in 1885? »
Britain, Absent Voters Lists 1918-1921
Did you have relatives who served in the Great War? Search through over 26,000 records to uncover details of the home they left behind and the part they played in one of history’s bloodiest conflicts. 
Discover the home your WW1 ancestor fought to defend »
See this week's new records
These are truly fascinating records – I’ve already found out a great deal about the history of my family home, and how my ancestors’ place in society changed throughout the century. I hope you do too! Visit our dedicated Electoral Registers landing page to find out more about what this enormous collection can reveal.

If you have any queries or comments, or discoveries you’d like to share, get in touch here. We love hearing your stories!

Have a great weekend,

Alex, Editor


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