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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950

Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950


You can search the first half of the
Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Applications, WWII, 1950
Surnames Currently Available - A up to Simon Haluschak


Free For Pennsylvania Residents via the Pennsylvania State Archives


Be sure when you copy and save the Bonus Application. Be sure that you forward the interactive viewer one page forward to get the next page which may contain more important vital information. Vital information can be names of parents, spouse, and/or children. Scan forward until you reach the next person's application file.

You may find additional discoveries.

Correspondence, or even hand written letters.

World War II Veterans Compensation Applications,
circa 1950s.
(877 cartons)

{series #19.92} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically according to surname of veteran.

A record of Pennsylvania veterans who applied for the World War II bonus provided for by the Act of June 1, 1947 (P.L. 565). Information contained on the applications includes the names, signatures, residences, birth dates, places of birth, sex and serial numbers of the individuals; the dates of domestic and foreign service rendered; the branches of the service enlisted in; the dates and places where the applicants entered and left active service; the applicants' residences at the time of their enlistment; the names and locations of the applicants' draft boards; the dates the applications were received and processed; the amounts of compensation awarded; and the names and residences of the veteran's beneficiaries, living parents and dependents. The applications, which are notarized and dated, also record the ages of dependents, whether the persons were still on active duty in the armed forces, and whether they had ever received sea duty pay or a bonus before. At times, remarks appear that indicate why some applications were rejected.


I did  several searches for a reader. Here is the results of forwarding the page on the interactive viewer.
I searched: Hugh S Fawcett.

Now, you can clearly see there were five pages for Hugh S Fawcett for the WWII Bonus applications.
Search, and see what additional pages you may have missed. 
Happy Hunting,
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