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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Probate Records

Allegheny County Probate Records
Exploring Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Probate Records
To explore the Allegheny Probate Records, you do need to familiarize with the Russell Key Index system of filing.
Make sure you read Larry Thompson 's Guide!
NOTE: Russell Key Index

"This index is not based on the first letter of the surname. Instead, it is based on key letters (L, M, N, R, and T) that follow the initial letter of the surname. For this reason, is sometimes called the LMNRT or L-M-N-R-T index. Surnames Camp, Chapman, Coffman, and Cushman would appear under the key letter “M;” Carr, Coker, Creecy, and Cubberly would appear under the key letter “R.” First names are arranged alphabetically within each key letter. The entries are then arranged chronologically within each combination of key letter and first name.

As an example, consider locating Agnes Rockwell in the Mercer County, Pennsylvania 1800-[1971] estate index. Start with the volume for surnames starting with R. L is the first key letter after the initial R in Rockwell. A is the first letter of the given name, Agnes. Check the guide to key letters In the front of the volume to find the section number associated with the key letter L and given names starting with A. It is section 11. Go to section 11 and scan the chronological entries for Agnes Rockwell."

The Code is the Second letter of the Surname, ignoring, A, E, I, O, and U as the vowels. So, you find the next letter that is available in the code, if the next letter is not available, you go to the next letter until you find a letter in the SURNAME that is in the code, and matches the code of the letter of the FIRST NAME, and is dependent upon the name you are researching.

•First search the Estate Index for the death of your ancestor.
•The Estate Index shows the correct Volume #, Page #, Block # for the Proceedings Index.
•The Proceedings Index shows the correct Docket#, Volume#, Page #, and may list the RD, OC #, Will Book #, etc.

SURNAME INDEX: A-Z, with sub-indexes for FIRST NAMES A-Z
For the Estate Index, you can skip 5, or 10 pages at a time until you get to find what you are looking for. Myself, when I first started, I searched the entire letter of a SURNAME, saved all for that surname from page 1 till the end. Then I had the information when
I made a connection to the others as I was researching a particular SURNAME. Once you know the names in your tree, they are family; and you can easily know who's who.
Record Type, Date, Volume or Surname Range
This is re-indexed and broken down to the beginning of each volume to make it a little more user friendly for those who are unfamiliar with the Probate Records on familysearch.org
Please note, page numbers DO NOT correspond with image numbers.
SURNAME INDEX: A-Z, with sub-indexes for FIRST NAMES A-Z
This is listed by each individual volume #.
Allegheny County Orphans' Court Dockets Volumes #1 - #154
Will Books are the transcribed Wills as recorded in the Will Book.
Will Envelopes are the actual Wills.
This is listed by each individual Will Book and Will Envelopes
Allegheny County Wills

So to get or order any of the records not available online, you would have to obtain those from the Allegheny County Courthouse.



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